It’s been two years since this page was last updated, and to be honest, I thought I’d never update it again. But when the MTV Top 100 countdown came along on New Year’s Eve, I started watching it and I realized it was the worst I’d ever seen. 
     Not only did most of the videos suck but MTV now takes even less of America’s attention span for granted. Most of the videos were cut off before the end, people popped up in the middle to request the video (Hey, moron, it’s already on!) and inane viewer comments scrolled across the bottom of the screen. 
     I decided I couldn’t let those people speak for the music videos that were on. And I had two weeks until class started, so I went to my roommate and dear friend James Wallace. 
     I proposed the kind of safety net that anyone with an IQ over 100 requires to watch MTV – we’d leave the docks of sobriety, watch the 80 videos I taped and review some of them. Maybe the Top 40 but definitely the Top 20. 
     One productive evening became two, two pundits became five and the hypothetical 20 or 40 video reviews became all 80. We all had a great time with it, too, so we started doing it every week. Our goal is to hit at least 10 videos per week, brand-new and classic. There aren't always that many new videos out there, but we've reviewed almost 200 videos in eight months and aren't slowing down yet. 
     So if you’re sick of idiot MTV viewers and smug Entertainment Weekly mini-reviews passing for intelligent commentary, if you can handle a shitload of cynicism and if you’re not easily offended, read on and enjoy. 
--Andrew Hicks

Andrew Hicks, 21, is a recent graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism. He’s been hooked off and on by MTV’s evil snare since 1993, when Dr. Dre and Snoop were still cool. Andrew still doesn't have a real job, is working on his first book and once drank half a bottle of Everclear. He’ll never do that again. His homepage is at [defunct]
     James Wallace, 21, is a senior history major at MU. Single, he likes long walks in the park, rainy days and leather. His future plans include publishing the definitive guide to slackerhood, achieving world domination and someday building a full scale replica of the St. Louis Arch using only Q-Tips. His homepage is at [defunct]
     Jeremy Weingartner and Carrie Boulware, both 22-year-old MU students, join us with random comments at various points in the narrative.

     **** = John
     *** = Paul
     ** = George
     * = Ringo
     zero = Yoko

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